Why DynateQ?

Hands on working to leadership positions - Design engineers to project

managers to operations heads to CEO

Small scale Indian companies to global multinationals - < $1 Mil

Multi-Billion annual revenues

As a customer, as a supplier, as a service provider

With owner-based companies to publicly owned organizations

In India/Asia and in 4 other continents

In technical, commercial and in techno-commercial roles

Over the years the directors have

gained expertise in the following domains:

  • Understanding and creating product requirements
  • Product design and process planning
  • Detailed engineering from conceptualization to realization
  • Production processes - manual, semi automatic and fully automatic
  • systems
  • Relocation of entire/partial setup
  • Program and project management
  • Quality standards
  • IT systems, including various ERP software
  • Vision based inspection systems
  • Complex machining centers for RTB/ control arm/ Sub frame
  • Optimizing layouts and processes for new product introduction
  • Industry 4.0 compliant equipments
  • Energy efficient/ energy saving equipments
  • Laser marking/ laser machining etc.
  • Optimal and efficient work holding technologies
  • Complex robotic systems
  • Pick and place 3 axis gantries of varying precision and payloads
  • Conveyors and other material handling systems

Industry Experience

BIW Lines

Indian And Global OEM's

Sub Assvs, Full Body Shops ,

Turnkey , Green field and Brown Field Projects, Fully Manual To Fully Automatic Lines, Hemming Solutions

All Joining Technologies

Chassis Welding Line

Indian & Global SUV OEMs,

Indian & Global CV OEMs

Material Handling Systems

Slat conveyors, Load lifts, Robotic grippers, Lift and carry, Shuttle conveyor, Jib crane etc.

Heavy Welding (Industrial)

Back-Hoe loader, Shovel, Frame, Cabin, Boom etc.

Heavy Welding ( Railways )

Bogie frame, Bolster, Wagon etc

In addition to the above, we have an enviable track record of,

At Dynateq Consulting Pvt. Ltd., we take pride in our commitment to improving customer product designs for manufacturing and quality through the implementation of simultaneous engineering. This approach allows us to optimize the design process, ensuring that the products are not only innovative but also practical and efficient to manufacture.

In addition to our expertise in product design, we excel in introducing new families of products/vehicles within existing lines. Our track record in this area has been a testament to our capability to adapt and innovate. Furthermore, we play a vital role in line balancing for our esteemed customers, helping them achieve an optimal product mix that enhances overall productivity and efficiency.

Our broad range of services encompasses various aspects of engineering and project management, ensuring comprehensive support throughout the entire product development cycle. From product design and process planning, including manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic systems, to detailed engineering, we diligently guide our clients from the conceptualization stage to the realization of their ideas.

Our Customers