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Dynateq Consulting and DH Autolead Join Forces to Strengthen Automotive Presence in India

May 31, 2023

Mr. Jayant Phatak and Mr. Shashank Inamdar recently traveled to the Republic of Korea to embark on a significant partnership. Their visit to DH Autolead headquarters marked the signing of an agreement that appoints Dynateq Consulting Pvt. Ltd. as the representative of DH Autolead in India. The partnership holds great promise for both companies as they aim to expand their presence in the Indian automotive market.

During their stay in Korea, Mr. Phatak and Mr. Inamdar were grateful for the warm reception and courteous treatment extended to them by the DH Global team. Their visit served as an opportunity for fruitful discussions and establishing a solid foundation for collaboration.

The signing ceremony took place in the presence of key figures from both companies. Mr. Jinwoo Kim, Vice Chairman of DH Autolead Co.,Ltd., witnessed the official signing of the agreement, along with Mr. Phatak and Mr. Inamdar representing Dynateq Consulting Pvt. Ltd., and Mr. Daesun Kang, CEO of DH Autolead Co.,Ltd.

Dynateq Consulting Pvt. Ltd., renowned for its deep understanding of the Indian market and engineering expertise, will leverage its knowledge to bolster DH Autolead's operations and market expansion in India. DH Autolead, a reputed manufacturer in the automotive industry, specializes in high-quality components and systems.


The collaboration between Dynateq Consulting and DH Autolead brings together the strengths of both organizations. With a focus on bringing innovative and optimized solutions, this partnership creates a compelling proposition for customers in India.

Expressing his enthusiasm for the partnership, Mr. Phatak stated, "We are thrilled to be associated with DH Autolead. This collaboration will allow us to combine our expertise and resources to provide innovative solutions to the Indian automotive industry. We are confident that our collaboration will create significant value for our customers."

Mr. Daesun Kang, CEO of DH Autolead Co.,Ltd., also shared his optimism, emphasizing the importance of the Indian market and the valuable insights Dynateq Consulting brings. He stated, "India is a crucial market for us, and we are delighted to have Dynateq Consulting as our representative in the region. Their deep understanding of the Indian market and engineering expertise will be invaluable in driving our business growth. We look forward to a mutually beneficial partnership."

With the signing of this strategic partnership agreement, Dynateq Consulting Pvt. Ltd. and DH Autolead Co.,Ltd. have set the stage for a successful collaboration that promises to bring innovative and optimized solutions to the automotive industry in India. As both companies embark on this exciting journey together, their shared vision and combined strengths are poised to create new opportunities and drive sustainable growth in the Indian automotive market.